XFB Fountain Basin

This basin is heavy duty with the ability to hold 350 lb., and is easy to install, making it the perfect foundation for a water feature display. It is a 36″ x 36″ square.

Simple Installation Process:

  1. Fountain Basin can be installed above ground or in ground:
    For In-ground Installation:
    (a) Dig a 9” deep hole 32” x 32” and compact the soil at the base of the hole to support the weight of you fountain.
    (b) Use a 1-2” thick layer of sand to level the base of the hole.
    (c) Add the Basin to the hole and back wall around it with sand or soft soil to hold it securely in place.
    For above ground Installation:
    (a) Find a level, solid surface to place the Basin.
    (b) Use bricks to support the outer rim.
    (c) Build a decorative shroud around the basin with bricks or wall blocks.
  2. Attach the tubing and fittings to the pump per the pump manufacturers instructions.
  3. Extend the tubing and the pump power cord through the Basin lid and place the lid on top of the Basin.
  4. Attach the tubing to your pottery or rock feature and place it on the lid using wedges to level it.
  5. Fill the Basin with water and start your pump. Use the flow adjuster or valve to control the water coming from your water feature to avoid over splash.
  6. Install the pump access door into the lid and add decorative stones to conceal the lid.
  7. Enjoy with your friends and family!

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