Teton Professional UV Clarifier

Teton Professional UV Clarifiers offer multi-directional 2″ outlet for ease of plumbing, aluminum housing for the 16W model and
stainless steel housing on the 40W, 80W, and 120W models. These metal housings have a more reflective capacity for the UVC
and are more durable than plastic. Plus, Teton offers a 2-year warranty on the ballast, and a 5-year warranty on the housing.

  • Metal housing for increased durability and UV efficiency
  • Large diameter housing for improved flow rates
  • 2″ Intake and discharge with variable directions
  • Helps keep pond water healthy and clear
  • XUV16A: Teton Professional UV Clarifier 16W
  • XUV40S: Teton Professional UV Clarifier 40W
  • XUV80S: Teton Professional UV Clarifier 80W
  • XUV120S: Teton Professional UV Clarifier 120W

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