XA Air Pump Kits

The Teton Air Pump Kits come in 6 different models and are known for their unique technology and design to infuse oxygen into ponds and maintain circulation to help fish and plants survive.

  • Item #XA20K, Air Pump Kit 20LPM (For Ponds Up To 2500G)
  • Item #XA40K, Air Pump Kit 40LPM (For Ponds Up To 5000G)
  • Item #XA60K, Air Pump Kit 60LPM (For Ponds Up To 7500G)
  • Item #XA80K, Air Pump Kit 80LPM (For Ponds Up To 10,0000G)
  • Item #XA120K, Air Pump Kit 120LPM (For Ponds Up To 15,000G)
  • Item #XA160K, Air Pump Kit 160LPM (For Ponds Up To 20,000G)

To download the product instruction manual, visit this page.

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