UV Clarifier Parts

A wide selection of maintenance and replacement parts that will help you get your Teton UV Clarifier back up and running again in no time.

  • 910016: 16 W Replacement Lamp
  • 910040: 40 W Replacement Lamp
  • 910080: 80 W Replacement Lamp
  • 910120: 120 W HO Replacement Lamp
  • 911016: Replacement Transformer Assembly, 16 W
  • 911040: Replacement Transformer Assembly, 40 W
  • 911080: Replacement Transformer Assembly, 80 W
  • 911120: Replacement Transformer Assembly, 120 W
  • 91001: Replacement 2″ Union Set with O-rings
  • 910002: Replacement Quartz Sleeve with O-rings, 16 W
  • 910003: Replacement Quartz Sleeve with O-rings, 40/80/120 W

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